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About Sahin International Inc.

Proud to be the leading face in the manufacturing and distribution of our confectionary products. By delivering the highest grade quality products, while providing world class service and consistency.

Brief Description

Even though Sahin started as a small business, it has managed to become famous for introducing the highest quality products to the U.S. and Canadian markets. Sahin International Inc distributes its finest products in the following US and Canadian States/Provinces:

    Canada: Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia,
    USA: New York, Virginia, Washington DC, Nashville, California

Humble Beginnings

From a one-bedroom apartment, where everything was done by hand, to a manufacturing warehouse housing several industrial machines we have learned to perfect our candy products and along the way incorporate several other items. Currently, Sahin produces twenty eight exquisite food products. Besdies, we are distributor of high quality products imported from other countries such as Iran, UAE, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Turkey.

Ma'az Khan
Operations Manager
Saad Khan
Sales Manager
Mujahid Khan
Warehouse Manager
Shamin Khan